How Your Business Web Presence Can Affect Your Credit

business web presence

You may not think your business web presence has much impact on your company’s credit profiles and scores, but it does. While your business credit reports (more specifically the credit scores) aren’t directly impacted by your business web presence, it is a major part of the underwriting criteria for major banks, creditors, and lenders. They […]

What Startup Businesses Need to Know About Business Credit

startup business credit

Startups are an incredibly important part of our nation’s economy. In fact, 21% of all small businesses in the US are startups. They drive economic growth, foster ingenuity, and provide jobs. Even though startups make up such a vital aspect of our economy, they often have a difficult time getting the financing they need. This […]

How do you turn $1,799 into $1,635,000 in one year?

I wanted to share a story with you about a recent client of ours. He is a pool contractor in Florida that had been in business for about three years. His business had been slowly growing but not at the pace that he wanted it to. He had a relatively good stream of business but […]