How to Set Up an Account with Office Depot Without a Personal Guarantee

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Instructions for Setting Up an Office Depot Commercial Account for Your Business:

  1. Click the application link below
  2. To qualify for the business-only liability, ensure your business has a minimum of 3 years of operation and 1 million in revenue. A minimum 3-year-old Experian report is also required. (Exceptions are available for non-profits and government entities).
  3. While a personal guarantee (PG) may be needed for the Revolving account, the Net 30 account does not require it.
  4. After applying, you can anticipate a response from Office Depot within a week. However, for a quicker update, it’s advisable to call the provided number 72 hours post-application submission.
  5. Initiate a purchase of at least $50, excluding taxes and shipping costs. Forward the paid invoice to us for record-keeping.
  6. If, on rare instances, the tradeline doesn’t reflect on the initial purchase, conduct a second purchase to ensure it reports on your business bureau record.
  7. It’s crucial to settle the invoice 7-10 days prior to the due date.

Note: Always stay proactive in checking the application status and maintain records for smooth business transactions.

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